In order for our clients to have the opportunity to realize the full genetic potential of the hybrid, it is necessary that corn seeds be flawless.
Seed quality is determined by its varietal and sowing qualities. It is necessary to ensure the genetic purity of the seeds.

Almost all hybrids of the Mais Company are created on the basis of CMS. This means that the possibility of pollination of cobs with unwanted genetic material from pollen is completely excluded. We grow seeds in 6 regions of Ukraine and use irrigation systems.

To avoid injury to the seed, Mais Company collects seed corn exclusively on the cob.

The seeds are also dried on the cob.
The seeds then go to the Seed Plants.
We have three of them: in the Dnipropetrovsk and Ternopil regions.
The factories are equipped with Vestrup (Denmark) equipment. German seed treatment equipment and Italian automatic packaging lines are also used.

Before entering the bag, the seeds go through several stages of cleaning and calibration.
Thanks to this, we get uniform seeds of the same shape and weight.
And this guarantees the simultaneous germination and uniform development of plants.