Are you looking for the supplier of corn seeds?
Company Mais has an exciting new opportunity for you!

Our hybrids are registered in the EU and are non-GMO.
All seeds we grow are compliant with OECD standards and have all the supporting documentation.
We produce seeds in state-of-the-art factories using modern Westrup (EU) equipment.
We have been exporting corn seeds since 2006, including to the European Union.

Company Mais is now the number one Ukrainian corn breeding company.

Company Mais was established by a single corn breeder.
We started our breeding program in 1992 and have been successfully exporting corn seeds since 2006.
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During 2022 Company Mais has 21 corn hybrids in the EU register (fao 180-450)

Company Mais has 2 breeding stations: one in Southern region and the other in the Western region of Ukraine.

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We produce the seeds by using Westrup (EU) equipments.

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Corn hybrids on offer for the 2023 agricultural season.

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We welcome all cooperation offers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our company or our products.


mobile: +38 099 351 37 71 whatsapp, telegram, viber