Company Mais is corn breedind and seed company.

1992 – Foundation

120 registred corn hybrids

300 employees

5k ha seed-growing plots

3 seed plant

1.8 mln sowing units total capacity of seed plants

Company Mais is leading ukrainian corn breeding company.

We have registred more than 120 corn hybrids in Ukraine, Belarus, EU and Kazakstan.

The basis of the enterprise’s activity is the selection of corn hybrids.
Every year, we introduce 8-10 new corn hybrids to the seed markets of Ukraine and Europe.
We independently grow the seeds of our hybrids and finish them at our own seed factories.
Also, we independently form a system for the promotion of our brand.
In this way, we control the quality of our product from the breeding nursery to the farm of the farmer who buys our seeds.
The symbolic combination of breeding, seed production and marketing is depicted in our company logo.

Our goal is to create the best corn hybrid.

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Corn breeding Seed production Marketing and promo